The figure who approached you strokes his mustache,
adjusts his floppy hat, and tightens his scarf.

“Volothamp Geddarm, chronicler, wizard, and celebrity, at your
service. I trust you’ve noted the violence in our fair city
these past tendays. I haven’t seen so much blood since
my last visit to Baldur’s Gate! But now I fear I have misplaced
a friend amid this odious malevolence. My friend’s name is Floon Blagmaar.
He’s got more beauty than brains, and I worry he took a bad way home
a couple nights ago and was kidnapped-or worse. If you
agree to track him down with all due haste, I can offer
you ten dragons apiece now, and I can give you each ten
times that when you find Floon. May I prevail upon you in
my hour of need?”

Waterdeep Nights

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