Waterdeep Nights

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The heroes paused for a moment.

“I’ve been searching for this drow bitch for months. She killed my brother and now I intend to kill her!” came a soft voice from the corner.

The Waterdeep Knights jumped in surprise at the wood elf standing in the shadows of the room. The elf introduced himself as Kizkia and that he sought an alliance, at least a temporary one.

Bilmona the Giant Ape smashed the door in, revealing a large dwarven cathedral, long ago dedicated to Dumathoin, dwarven deity and Keeper of Secrets Under the Mountain. But, the evil drow had perverted the cathedral to their unholy and demonic goddess, Lolth, Demon Princess of Spiders!
Spider webs clung to every surface and large swarms of the vile things were scattered about the area. An elite drow warrior and two giant spiders stood in front, poised to attack! Twenty feet behind them, T’rissa Auvryndar and a drow mage tried to conceal themselves, unsuccessfully, behind two pillars.

Bilmona charged into the room, jumping up and swinging from pillars while attacking the warrior. The drow mage shot a giant web, restraining Snorri but missing the others. Next, the giant spiders turned ass first toward our heroes, blasting out thick ropey streams of…webbing, capturing the bard Falconwhore.

The giant ape that was Bilmona drew closer to the drow mage, receiving a bolt of lightning for his trouble. T’rissa grinned as she began casting an incantation. Suddenly, the giant ape was no more; replaced by the beautiful (but extremely creepy) form of Bilmona.

Halaster watched from his scrying pool. Even though the drow were a major pain in his ass, he jumped up, fist clenched and roared with approval.

The new ranger, Kizkia, laid down a large area of spike growth with his magic, mangling the giant spiders when they moved. Someone later cast a Fireball which killed the spiders and destroyed most of the spikes. The elf ranger closed with the priestess, scoring a few hits and receiving a few stinging blows from T’rissa’s snake-headed scourge. Snorri escaped the webs covering him and pounced on the mage, crushing the evil wizard’s black skull, but not before the drow used his gay, innate magical power to drop a globe of darkness on his foes.
Immediately, the priestess and the warrior made their way through the blackness, towards the entrance. The priestess re-emerged from the darkness, but was cut down before reaching the entrance.

Also emerging from the darkness, the elite drow warrior saw his feared leader dead on the floor and surrendered to the surface dwellers.

Seeing blood for his brother’s death, Kizkia was not about to let this drow live, even if he did surrender! His greenish face flushed with anger.
The drow sensing his chances were low began to tell them of T’rissa’s plan to attack Skullport a subterranean city close by. How she had a more powerful twin sister who was leading the assault. He bemoaned the life of a male drow under the virtual and physical heel of the drow priestesses. Snorri was unmoved by his whimpering and sided with the elf that he should be destroyed. Bilmona felt the young elf should be freed and that he might be able to change his ways… But no one really listened to her. Lately, she had become more and more erratic, even so far as admiring the aberrations they had encountered thus far. Plus she was sex crazed and insatiable. This would be incredible if she was actually a woman, but it just made the others feel a bit sick inside. The Underdark seemed to be having an effect on all of them. Maybe it was the oppressive darkness, the feeling of being watched by the Mad Mage, or the vile acts they needed to commit to complete their quest, whatever it was, it was like a palpable presence among them. Were they going to kill a prisoner who just submit to them? It was left to Falqinor Vefelon. The bard was not in the best mental state after, well you know what… He was unusually quiet and less cheery than normal. Sure this would be a great tale if somehow they escaped this dungeon, but at what cost? Did he really want to bring back these memories? He began to question what he was doing here anyway? Where these really his friends? His eyes lost the usual glint of curiosity and playfulness – the darkness really was all consuming! “Right, there is only one decision here!” and when he pulled out his rapier Bilmona’s eyes went wide and she gasped. But instead of killing the drow he sliced off his bonds. Wasting no time the drow ran. Upset that his quarry was released Kizkia fired two shots from his bow before the drow escaped down a dark corridor, he gave the bard an evil glance then stowed his weapons. Bilmona went over to offer the bard a hug but the bard wanted nothing to do with her.

They explored the desecrated temple more. There were more drow in webs that were filled with giant spider larvae that burst out from their insides to the disgust of the group. Wiping off the alter, which was covered in old blood and offerings to their dark spider god Lolth, Bilmona asked if they could wait while she re-sanctified the temple back to the old dwarven god. Washing away the grime and spider webs from the main statues she prayed to Dumathoin. She set new tallow in the old candlesticks, Laid out a collection of various coins, copper, silver, gold and platinum. A ceremonial offering that the congregation of dwarves would leave to have Dumathoin tell them his secrets where to find more. Once complete the temple was a little less filled with spiders and hopefully his faithful could seek shelter and solstice in his holy temple again.

The elf Ranger was incited to kill more drow, he could sense them close by. Following the elf was no easy task, for he moved like the wind, could see in the darkness and was completely silent. Turning a corner down a long passageway they came to a foul room. It was decorated with organs of humanoids arranged in sigils or something unholy. encountering more drow they cut them down in disgust unable to make sense of what they were doing.


This write up kinda sucks. Gianca, if you want, you can add more to it.

New Addition

Nice move, using a death metal album cover. Inspiration!

New Addition

I loved the title “Chronicles of Perversion” – could be our campaign name.

New Addition

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