Waterdeep Nights

Walk of Shame

Breathing in ragged breaths Bilmona looked at the barbarian with a bit of shame. “I think we need to find someplace safe to rest.” Snorri just shrugged and picked up the paralyzed bard with little sympathy for the man. " We should go back up a level to the Dragon’s lair where the lazy plague doctor and the paladin were resting." After walking through the dark Undermountain for some time the Bard regained some use of his limbs and could walk a bit – still needing Snorri’s assistance. When Bilmona tried to lend a hand he forcibly brushed it aside and they walked in silence the rest of the way. Entering the dragon’s lair, they were met with a warm greeting from Siph. When he saw Bilmona’s eyes go to the ground and Falqinor avert meeting his eyes as well , he put two and two together and explained: “Bilmona what did you do?” When he looked at Snorri he just gave him a shrug and went over to start cleaning off the drow brain matter from his maul – indifferent as usual. It made for a really long rest as no one wanted to say anything. Finally breaking the uncomfortable silence the Barbarian said it was time to go and they followed him down the long set of stairs back down to the Sargauth level. Going East they explored a corridor they passed on their first trip down.
It opened into a large dwarven catacomb. When this was called the Underhalls of Melairbode by the Melairkyn Dwarf Clan this level was a settlement. The tombs depicted the Dwarves finding huge veins of Mitheral and gold. The life, trials and tribulations of the clan. All of the tombs were raided and any scrap of value was taken or destroyed/defaced. It was a shame because the craftsman ship of these dwarves was amazing – just to survive this longs was a testament to their skills. Heading further into the seemingly abandoned settlement they heard movement ahead – out of the oppressive darkness the encountered more of the foul drow – once again desecrating the old home of the dwarves with their evil presence. They were also confronted with their ravenous furry slaves – quaggoths!
They had a powerful drow mage with them who summoned a sickening cloud of death to envelope them. Using the weave to try to cut the power to Mystra’s magic proved too much for Bilmona and she was not able to counter his spell. His tie to the weave was even more powerful then she had to her god. Choking and gaging the group retreated down the hall to escape the cloud of death while the quaggoths pressed forward to assure their death. Everyone was surprised as Bilmona teleported into the fight instead of retreating… The bard, overcome with some kind of connect to the mage, with which he was even unsure about called forth his most powerful spell to save her.
All gawked in amazement as the beautiful form of the woman swelled into a huge furry gorilla, at least twice the size of the quaggoths. With her mammoth fist she began to pound them in to the ground with sickening splats. Suddenly the room was surrounded in complete darkness as the Drow mage retreated from the unstoppable beast – allowing the cloud of death to disappear – and the rest of the group to stumble into the room. Hearing a door open the giant ape roared in frustration and after some time ripped the door off its hinges to frightened guttural voices barking commands…



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